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TablEdit Users Say:

"I am 87 years old, discovered TablEdit at least 8 years ago, have written over 200 arrangements for dulcimer. Have received excellent help from Keith and Matthieu over the years, nothing like it.
- Suzanne Shaler, California, USA



Download TablEdit Demo and all its components here!

  Components  Download
TablEdit for Windows v2.74 (more info) (1.4M )
TablEdit for Mac (more info)
- v2.74 0SX 6 (Snow Leopard) up to OSX 9 (Maverick)
- v2.71 OS 9.2 up to OSX 5 (Leopard)
(2.2M )
(1.2M )
Official TablEdit Manual for Windows:
- in Windows Help Format (.chm)
- in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format
(1.0M )
(1.1M )
Official TablEdit Manual for Mac:
- in Adobe Acrobat PDF format
- in HTML format (.zip)

(1.7M )
(747K )
  Additional Resources
(multilingual resources, font, chord catalogs, samples, converters...)
TablEdit for Linux (more info)  
TEFpad for iPad (more info)  
Pocket TablEdit (more info)
(TablEdit for Pocket PC/Windows Mobile)
(125K )

Starting with TablEdit for Windows

To install TablEdit, you'll need to run the tabled32.exe distribution file. This distribution file is a self-extracting archive and when you run it, TablEdit will be installed in a directory (or folder) called by default Program Files/Tabledit.

If you receive a warning or error message when you install TablEdit, click here.

Keep in mind that this is a demo package with certain critical limitations. Namely, you can open, print and play *.tef files and modify the MIDI options to alter the sound you hear when you play the music but do not try to "re-save" the file when you're done listening to it. The demo version only saves 16 measures of tab, so you will lose most of what you had already downloaded.

The latest TablEdit True Type font file (tef265.ttf) is automatically installed at first-time installation of the program in order to allow correct display and printout of musical symbols (clefs, notes, rests, codas, etc.).

If the automatic font installation has been unsuccessful you'll see rectangles displayed instead of the G clef and rests. If this is the case, use the Windows configuration panel to install the font (C:\\Program Files\tef265.ttf) manually. The system will then recognize the font automatically.

Tip: In order to restore all of the default parameters, simply start TablEdit while keeping the [shift] key held down.


Starting with TablEdit for Macintosh


  • Download and mount tableditdemo.dmg on your hard disk.
  • Drag the "TablEdit Demo" application to the "Applications" directory.
  • Launch TablEdit Demo (double click on it).


Starting with TablEdit for Pocket PC

  • Download the Demo version of Pocket TablEdit (pockettedemo.zip) and save it to your hard disk.
  • Unzip pockettedemo.zip.
  • Download pockette.arm.cab on your PDA.
  • Back on your PDA, locate pockette.arm (the .cab extension is hidden) and run it. This will install PocketTE to the newly created "Program Files/PocketTE" directory and create a shortcut to PocketTE in the "Programs" screen.

If you encounter any bugs or problems, or you have suggestions to make, then send them to Matthieu at matt0308@tabledit.com.