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TablEdit Users Say:

"I have played 5-string banjo for 5 years now, self taught, and did TABs by hand using a drawing program. Then I ran into TablEdit, got the PC version, and transcribed (from slowed-down recordings) 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow', 'Dixie', 'Colors' (Donovan 1968), 'Lonesome Banjo', 'Greensleeves', and 'Hallelujah' in very little time. Now I'm going to the MAC version, expecting it to be just as easy."
- Michael Barry Kirk, California, USA


Frequently Asked Questions

During print preview and actual printing, the musical staff is loaded with garbage, such as crosses, forms symbols, hand symbols, etc. The tab part is correct.

The TEF265.ttf true type font is not properly installed. See the troubleshooting instructions on this page.

Rests do not print.

See Options - Printing.

I don't hear anything when I start the playback.

See the troubleshooting instructions on this page.

The tab and notation are so small that it is hard to read when I print them out. Does this software offers the function to change the size of the tab and notation?.

You can increase (or reduce) the print scale with the corresponding option in the Print Options dialog box.

How much does TablEdit cost?

The price as indicated in the order form: 59.97 USD or 50 € (for EC citizens).

Can I print either tab or notation alone?

See the Options - General dialog box.

Can I print several instrument parts on the same page?

See the Options - Multitrack dialog box.

Why register today ?

The password we'll send you when you register will turn your demo into the complete version. It will still work with future updates and versions of TablEdit even if the price has been increased. So register today, TablEdit is a good investment.

If I purchase TablEdit do I have to pay for upgrades to future versions of TablEdit?

Never! Your TablEdit registration entitles you to FREE UPGRADES!

I am planning on buying a new computer soon and it will have a newer version of Windows than the computer I'm currently using. When I upgrade will I have to buy a new copy of TablEdit for the new operating system?

No, you can run TablEdit on any of the currently available versions of Windows from Windows 3.1 and higher.
(At the time of this writing, this includes Windows 3.1, NT, 95, 98, 2000, Me, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8)

My copy of TablEdit Carbon doesn't run any longer on Mac OS 10.7 (Lion). What should I do?

Just download the new Intel version. This upgrade is free.

If you have a question and don't find the answer on the present page, nor on our extensive online help pages, you can e-mail your question to Keith.