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TablEdit Users Say:

"I started playing the Mountain Dulcimer with a local group. I soon found that there was quite a bit of music that needed proper tab. I found TablEdit on Stephen Seifert's web site. I downloaded the trial version and found that it was just what I was looking for. I have since tabbed over 124 songs for my use and the groups. It also helps me with learning new music. I can TAB it and then play it back on the MIDI part of the program. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to produce really nice scores."
- Larry Griffin, Alabama, USA


TEFpad, the TablEdit File Editor for iPad

Create, Edit and Share your TABs from your iPad!

TEFpad for iPad is an app that will let you create new tablature arrangements from scratch and edit the tablatures you have imported. The resulting tef file is editable in TablEdit.

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TEFpad for iOS FAQ

TEFpad doesn't make any sound on my iPad.

First toggle the Side Switch to verify that the device is not muted or the volume set too low.

Then check the tab in the dialog. Set "Polyphony" to 32, "Periods" to 2 and "Period Size" to 64. If your device is powerful enough, you can increase the settings to improve the MIDI output.

If none of the previous tips works, try this:
 1. on your iPad home screen, tap Settings
 2. in the left column tap General if it has not already been selected.
 3. in the right column select Use Side Switch to: Mute.
 4. go to the physical side switch located on the side of your iPad
     and make sure that it is not locked.
 5. Return to TEFpad. Your sound should be back.

How can I convert a tablature created for another instrument?

It is very easy to convert an existing tef file with TEFpad. Just tap the tuning area and change the tuning in the Score Properties view.

I've already bought TEFpad Pro. Can I get TablEdit for free or at a discounted price?

TablEdit for Macintosh and TablEdit for Windows are sold as separate products at $59.97(US) each. TEFpad Pro for iPad is sold as separate product at the already low price of $25.98(US). However, registered TEFpad Pro users qualify for discounts on cross platform upgrades to TablEdit for Windows or TablEdit for Macintosh.

How to transfer files to and from my device?

See the "File Management" topic in the Online Help.

What is the difference between TEFpad and TEFpad Pro?

TEFpad allows you to create partitions in TablEdit format on your iPad without limitation. By cons, regarding the files that you imported or that have been created by TablEdit for Windows or Mac, there are restrictions. In particular, you can modify them but you can only save the first 16 measures as with TablEdit Demo. To remove any limitations, you can purchase the TEFpad Pro version. The price is roughly three times higher. TEFpad Pro can be purchased only from TEFpad as "InApp purchase". Finally, we can say that TEFpad Pro, the unlimited version, costs half of the price of TablEdit..

TEFpad Summary and Help

Most questions about TEFpad are answered in the Online Help. This help is also embedded in the App. Just click on the button and tap the Help button in the navigation bar.


If you have any unanswered question, comment or suggestion for future improvements, you are welcome to e-mail it to Matthieu.

A Few Reviews


"I have been waiting for a long time for tabledit to come to the iPad and here it is! Thanks so very very much! Wonderful."
-Marv Sobolesky


"TablEdit is a wonderful music tab editing application for the PC or a Mac. It just got better because now there is this version for the iPad. Thanks so much for this app!"
-Gustav Nett

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