TablEdit Users Say:

"Your product is the finest of its kind that I have found. It is intuitive, easy to use, attractive, and instructive. Thanks."
- Marcy M. Dupre, Washington, USA


What TablEdit Users Say:

"I have been a loyal customer of TabEdit for many years. I have been consistently pleased with this product and for the dedication of it's creators to seek ongoing improvement of its functionality. I have used the editing functions as a way to enter music notation as a learning tool. Moreover, I have enjoyed the wide community of TabEdit users as an ongoing source of new material in virtually every conceivable musical genre."
Brian Miller - Virginia, USA

"One of my banjo students told me about TablEdit. When I hadn't ordered it by our next lesson he asked, "What are you waiting for?". Well, within a couple of days of downloading the program from the TablEdit site, I was sold on it. Easily the most complete tab program I've ever used. It does exactly what I need it to do. And when I've had questions, Keith and the other folks at TablEdit have been most helpful. Highly recommended!"
Tom Adams - Pennsylvania, USA

"I have been using TablEdit for approx 1 1/2 years. The program was recommended to me by my banjo instructor after I had expressed concern about how an unfamiliar song was supposed to sound and I did not have access to a recording. After using TablEdit for a couple of months, I found that I was able to slow the tune down to a managable level and play along. For the most part this eliminated the use of a Metronome, which I find to be extremely boring. Using TablEdit to learn new skills and songs, has greatly improved my skill level in a shorter time than had I not started doing this. I HIGHLY recommended this program as a Training Aid to anyone wishing to learn to play a stringed instrument!"
Jim Duncan - California, USA

"Your TablEdit software is superb - and all in such a small programme - keep the improvements coming."
- Colin Pugh, West Midlands, UK

"Sometime in September 2002 My two brothers and I were discussing different bluegrass instruments and decided that we would each try one. Well, I chose the banjo and hired a teacher. I took about ten lessons and decided that this was going too slow for me. That is when I started researching different programs to help me learn at my own pace. I tried out several tab creating programs and couldn't find one that suited me. I found the TablEdit site and downloaded the fully functional player, learned how to use it, purchased the full version, and progressed more rapidly than I expected. The things that I really like are, that once you have your music created, you can play it at a speed that you will be able to follow along with, and the ease in which tabulature can be created and immediately played back, fast or slow. An outstanding program that has helped me to beat my two brothers at learning a bluegrass instrument."
Dave Brogan - Florida, USA


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