TablEdit Users Say:

"I've been using TablEdit since I taken up playing the Banjo 6 years ago. I thought I was too old to learn but was hovering the net and decided to take up supposedly the easiest instrument to learn how to play. Anyway I am mostly self taught and cannot read music. I joined Banjo Hangout and members there pointed me in the direction of your website. I am so glad they did as I think TablEdit is the easiest program to learn from. All the difficult parts are taken out so as to make a novice like me able to play the Banjo. Thank you for your hard work which is making my fun time a lot more enjoyable. And the icing on the cake free upgrades."
- Ian Johnstone, UK


What TablEdit Users Say:

"TablEdit is a fantastic tool. I use it for pedal steel guitar tabs. The PSG is a complicated instrument with lots of pitch changes and TablEdit has great support for all of that. I recommend the tool to all of my pedal steel playing friends."
- Jeff Scott Brown, Missouri, USA

"TablEdit is a good program that me as a beginner have found very helpful to learn tab and notation. I really like the fact that both notation and tabs are shown on the same page. I continue to learn and I will be using TablEdit. Thanks."
- John Fernandez, Michigan, USA

"No question that TablEdit is a wonderful tool for creating clean tab. Some may have overlooked how useful TablEdit is for learning. Creating TAB exercises the logical side of the brain, improving learning. TablEdit also is essential for saving all those great improvisations before you forget them."
- Dr. John Molburg, Illinois, USA

"I'm just learning what TablEdit is really capable of and the more I get into it, the more impressed I am."
- Klaus J. Christoph, Virginia, USA

"I've been using Tabledit for nearly 5 years and found it to be a very good and useful programme. I can listen to other tabs, write my own and edit them anytime. The converter is also useful as I can convert other tab formats into tabledit for listening. the printing function lets me print out the tabs."
- Steve Comfort, Texas, USA


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