TablEdit Users Say:

"I play the Greek bouzouki and have found TablEdit very useful for transposing music to bouzouki tablature. TablEdit allows me to record songs for future reference, work out variations and riffs and transpose music that I hear on recordings to playable TABs for my own use. It is a wonderful tool that is not duplicated by any other software." - Angelo Angelis, New York, USA


What TablEdit Users Say:

"I write music in TablEdit for flute, mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer and piano."
- Dwight Lind, Oregon, USA

"I have been using TablEdit for quite a few years. I first learned about it from friends in the dulcimer community. I already had another music notation program but found TablEdit to be easier to use. Plus it had the added bonus of allowing me to use tab. While I have used it primarily for mountain dulcimer, I have also written some simple arrangements for harp. Because so many of my friends also use it it makes it simple to share our arrangements."
- Pat Bair, Florida, USA

"I use TablEdit when I need a relatively inexpensive notation software that is always fully supported. My needs are fairly simple so the expensive (and more complicated) software packages are not needed. I highly recommend TablEdit for those like me."
- Carroll Smith, Florida, USA

"I play oldtime music on banjo and guitar. TablEdit is a great way to document music learned by ear. It is also helpful in developing more complex parts from simple melodies."
- John S. Catches, Florida, USA

"I enjoy listening to TABs that I have collected. This also improves my sight reading. I think TablEdit is an excellent TAB program. Support is always there to solve problems."
- James D. Boyer, Indiana USA


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