TablEdit Users Say:

"I'm just learning what TablEdit is really capable of and the more I get into it, the more impressed I am."
- Klaus J. Christoph, Virginia, USA


What TablEdit Users Say:

"I've used TablEdit for my guitars in different tunings, my banjo, my banjo mandolin and my bass. My favorite feature that could't find anywhere else is to set up different instruments and have them selectable on the same page for instant editing. And it's also loaded on my iPad for those long flights, and waits at the darn Doctor's offices. A very big thank you to the creators of this product, something I plan to use often and for years to come."
- Albert DeBlieck, New York, USA

"Guitar and banjo pickers; TablEdit is the easiest TAB software to use, just the best!"
- Joseph F Cimino, Maryland, USA

"I have been using TablEdit for 6 years now and don't know how I ever managed without it before. It allows me to transcribe with the simplest of ease for any instrument I want. The ability to import outside sources as well and manipulate and transpose with ease makes this a must have tool for any instructor out there! The folks at TablEdit are also some of the most accommodating in the business. They have helped me several times to resolve issues and have always responded promptly and courteously. I highly recommend this software to anyone who uses tab to teach or to learn!"
- Chad Darou, New York, USA

"TablEdit has been instrumental in improving my banjo playing. I love being able to set songs to any speed and with any background instrument to accompany me while I practice. It's like having your own picking group at your command. Editing is easily done when you want to add your own flair to a previously created piece, and there's no limit to the songs you can write. If you're not a song writer, there's thousands of TablEdit files on the internet to choose from. Anything you can do or imagine on your instrument, TablEdit can write and play it for you. If you want to get good fast, you owe it to yourself to use TablEdit!"
- William W. Turner, Tennessee, USA

"TablEdit is a terrific tool for learning and remembering tunes. TablEdit creates accurate, easy to read tab that you can practice with or use as a reference on your stand at a gig. Being able to produce tab for several instruments is a real luxury. One of the most useful pieces of software I own."
- Don Blackman, Georgia, USA


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