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TablEdit Users Say:

"As a Five-string banjo teacher I find TablEdit great. The fact that you can have tab or music notation or both together is a very good feature. I must say the service is second to none, if you have a question or query it will be answered in a matter of hours not days. I would strongly recommend to anybody involved with music of any type to use TablEdit."
- Mick McInerney, Ireland


TablEdit v2.74 - Linguistic Resource Files

Download new .str files language.zip (81 K).

We are looking for individuals to update existing string files and individuals who are willing to create language files for other languages that are not already listed below.

Before beginning to work on a language file, please e-mail Matthieu and let him know that you are doing it.

You are more than welcome to update an existing language file.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration.

Language file completion status:
File Name Description Translator Updated
Model.str Model string file Matthieu Leschemelle
Chinese.str Chinese Big5 string file Jimmy Shieh
Bulgaria.str Bulgarian string file Valentin Bojkov
Czech.str Czech string file Milos Baumgartl
Danish.str Danish string file Brian Johansen
Dutch.str Dutch string file Klaas Klok
Esperant.str Esperanto string file Jesuo de Las Heras
Finnish.str Finnish string file Risto Apajalahti
Hungarian.str Hungarian string file Bognár Adrián
Italian.str Italian string file Susi Giaroli
Greek.str Greek string file Panagiotis Agiakatsikas
Japanese.str Japanese string file Matsuura Masaaki
Norwegian.str Norwegian string file Simon Skotheimsvik
Occitan.str Occitan string file Laurent Jonqueres
Polish.str Polish string file Marcin Malkowski
Portugue.str Portuguese string file Ana Guitian
Russian.str Russian string file Vadim Vorontsov
Slovak.str Slovak string file Marek Sipos
Swedish.str Swedish string file Fredrik Lidin

Please feel free to contact the translators directly. Any feedback will be appreciated.

Editing a Language Resource File

Open the .str file to be updated with any text editor (e.g NOTEPAD.EXE).

A language resource file is composed of two parts: the main menus and the internal text strings.

The menu items appear in the following manner (extract):

MENUITEM "&Item 1...\aCtrl+a", 108
MENUITEM "Item &2\aF3", 202
MENUITEM "Ite&m 3\aAlt+F8", 104

The keywords shown in upper case characters must NEVER be modified! You may make any changes you might wish between the double-quotes do not modify the sequences preceded by a backslash (e.g. "\a", "\n"). Nor should you change the number placed at the end of the line after the Nor should you change the number placed at the end of the line after the comma. The "&" character is placed just before the letter which, underlined in the resulting menu, will serve as the "hot key" for the related menu item.

The internal text strings take the following form (extract):

STR 33, "&Tablature and Stave"
STR 34, "Font  :  %s,  %d"
STR 35, "TablEdit Demo\nRegister now"

As with the menus, you must NEVER alter anything outside of the double-quotes!

TablEdit is supplied with a template file based on the English version of the program (model.str). You can use a copy of this file as a basis for your own modifications. You should proceed slowly at first, carefully checking your results with TablEdit.